Dogs that are
microchipped are 2.4
times more likely to
be reunited with their owners.

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Pet Owners can enroll their pets directly with Enrollment entitles you to a large variety of services and products at discounted prices.



Learn how you can incorporate services into your practice and provide your customers with the most advanced pet recovery system available.



Shelters play a very important role in finding pets permanent homes and that is why we offer special pricing on recovery products and services to participating facilities.



Retailers participating in are able to provide our valuable services to their customers at the Point-of-Sale. These value added services make sure that pets leaving...

At LostMyPet, we believe that loss prevention is equally as important as pet parents having access to one of the best lost pet recovery services available today. MyPetTrainer is an online resource dedicated to understanding behaviors, positive training techniques and the importance of socialization for your dog. 

As part of our loss prevention strategy, we find with proper training, socialization and an understanding of your dog`s behavior, the possibility of losing your pet is dramatically reduced. We want to help our clients stop the loss before it happends.

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